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Should Be Condemned
Dear humanity: I beg of you... stay away from these people and their buildings.

I moved in to their property at 948 W. Cuyler Ave - Chicago, IL 60613 because the rent was only $575 for a studio, which sounded too good to be true. AND IT WAS! The place was a nightmare, but I just didn't realize it until after moving in.

The "kitchen" sink did not work what so ever. Or, scratch that, it turned on, but what little water that made it through the pipes spouted out of the handle of the faucet and spewed onto the wall behind it, dripping down to the floor. The rest of the water dripped out of the plumbing in the cabinet below the sink, which was less of a cabinet and more of a box of rotting, moldy wood.

Roaches were everywhere, I realize once the sun set my first night there. I set a few traps and was able to keep them under control after a couple days.

The window was about 3/4 glass and 1/4 duct tape.
Let me repeat, the WINDOW was 25% DUCT TAPE!

Putting a window unit into the studio was nearly impossible, due to the horribly warped wood in the window frame. Holes all over the floors and walls. Holes and cracks.

The building itself was a WRECK. It smelled awful. Absolutely awful. So many tenants smoking in their units, and the smell did NOT stay in their unit - it traveled. The elevator rarely worked, and it hasn't even been inspected since 2009. The carpets in all of the hallways were disgustingly stained. Almost always strangely moist. The laundry room's machines mostly didn't work... but after even glancing at that putrid room, why would you even WANT to take your clothing in there?

The front door to the building did not lock. Strange people wandering in and out. But many of the tenants were just as strange and overall, dirty. It was hard to tell who lived there and who wandered in. Often, you'd find a many shaking his head and talking to himself in the laundry room. And beware the crazy folk sitting outside the front door, ready to shout babble at you.

And here's the worst part. BED BUGS, BED BUGS, BED BUGS.

I want to make this so clear... if you move into this building, YOU WILL LIKELY GET BED BUGS. Do not believe a word the management says to you at lease signing. They told me the place was thoroughly inspected before I moved in, but even IF that was true, the building is such a hell hole that they easily came back. By day 8 of living in my unit, I saw my first bed bug. By the next day, it was infested.

I was out of there immediately. Treated my clothes and left.
I found a new place within two days and signed the lease. That's the magic one can accomplish when you're trying to escape HELL. So, at this point I now had two places.

I told the manager about the bed bugs the moment I saw my first one, and within 10 days the place was still not treated. This was him breaking the law.

I was very angry with them, and they could tell. Without fighting me at all, they refunded me my month's rent and my move-in fee. These are the actions of people who know they are guilty and are not looking for a fight.

I had to throw most of my belongings away, (sealed and clearly marked as bed-bug infested, don't worry). And treating my items that I moved with me was very difficult and expensive.

This building should be shut down and demolished. There's no telling the amount of code violations and health hazards in that dungeon of filth.


And again, let me repeat: bed bugs, bed bugs, bed bugs.

Good luck, Chicago. There's a devil among us.

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